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We Are Professional Cleaning Company With Good Experience Gained Throughout Many Years of Excellent Service

We love the job you hate!

We are a passionate group of people who take care of things that you can’t be bothered to do!

Domestic Cleaning

If you want to maintain cleanliness in your apartment or house on a regular basis, the ideal solution will be the

Deep Cleaning

It is a more comprehensive service than Standard Cleaning. As part of it, we will do deep cleaning and focus on

Commercial Cleaning

We approach all tasks with due diligence and commitment. We make sure that the office spaces under our care represent the

Rubbish Removal

Garbage and poisonous waste abandoned on private lands pose a threat to local residents and neighbors! You often don’t know how

Garden Cleaning

We offer: seasonal cleaning of gardens, green areas and allotment gardens, preparation of areas before establishing gardens, bringing order to old,

Carpets and Windows

CarpetsMaintaining order in the apartment or house is a big challenge for everyone. The task is even more difficult because nowadays

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    About Us

    Cleaning is pure pleasure for us!

    We are a small cleaning company with many years of experience. We operate locally in Cardiff, Newport and the surrounding areas. We specialise in cleaning apartments and gardens. From light cleaning to deep cleaning, from raking leaves to grubbing up bushes – no work is a problem for us. We focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We treat each client and every object individually. We prepare the price offer after meeting the client jointly determining the scope and frequency of cleaning services. We are Fully Insured and have Public liability insurance.

    Eco Friendly

    We care for the environment.

    The growing awareness of the harmful effects of chemicals on the natural environment forces us to look after our common good which is nature! Ecological- related to environmental protection, man tries to live in harmony with nature. It boils down to a rational approach to everyday life, ranging from eating healthy food, saving water or electricity, and using a bicycle instead of a car, and using natural cleaning products. Caring for cleanliness in the Eco trend is becoming more and more popular. Being guided by the good of the environment and our clients, we offer cleaning of houses and offices using ecological products. They effectively remove pollution, while not adversely affecting the health of residents and employees, or the environment, Nature-friendly cleaners, although milder in operation, are much safer. We specialise in comprehensive cleaning of all types of real estate using cleaning products and hygiene products, in which you will find a natural composition. Where possible we use high pressure steam cleaner.


    Environmental safety is very important to us, which is why we pay special attention to certificates and composition. We have a Waste Carrier License. We dispose of all rubbish at a Municipal Recycling Centre.

    Expert Team

    We have many years of experience. We provide proven and trained employees.

    100% Satisfaction

    We won’t finish our work until you are completely satisfied.


    We use professional, good quality cleaning products for our work. We do not use aggressive chemicals. Your home is the happiest place on the earth. Take care of it! Think eco, clean eco!

    Competitive Prices

    We offer our services at very competitive prices, tailored to each client! With us you won’t throw money in the trash!

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